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How Manikwa Hair Care came to be!

It all started with my dry hair...


Have you ever seen someone with beautiful curls, thought to yourself, "I can rock my natural hair like that!", went home, did the big chop and thought that being natural was gonna be low maintenance, cute, and most importantly, cost efficient? As most seasoned naturalistas know, this was not, is not and almost seems as if it will never be the case. I used to buy shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, hair masks, oils, twisting cremes, curl souffles, detanglers, gel, pretty much everything under the sun. I had more products than I had shoes, and as a fashion forward woman, I have enough shoes to put a shoe outlet store to shame. Well, that's how I ended up here. This is how Manikwa Hair Care, LLC. was born! I was tired of spending an extreme amount of money on products that promised to saturate my hair in rich oils and butters, but NEVER delivered! So, I created my own. My hair products are 100% natural, organic and chemical-free! Every ingredient I use is pure, which gives your hair the best chance of flourishing to its potential. Manikwa Hair Care, LLC. aims to help its CurlFriends from all walks of life get the healthy, moisturized, shiny, hair that we deserve without the use of chemicals and ingredients that have one-too-many syllables to pronounce. Join the #ManikwaMovement and #GrowCleanAndNatural with me!

-Jaida Manikwa Bennett 

Owner & CEO 

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